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S C O U T  

Safety Culture Optimization, Understanding, and Training

SCOUT is the ONLY PROACTIVE risk mitigation training solution in today's organizational safety marketplace.  With over a century of combined safety leadership experience the SCOUT team has develeoped a one-of-a-kind solution that helps organizations of all sizes build workplace cultures where all individuals have increased knowledge of today's societal risk factors along with a thorough understanding of best practices in recognizing, avoiding, and reporting behaviors or events that, if left unaddressed, could potentially evolve into a dangerous critical incident.


SCOUT's top tier professionals  come from military, law enforcement, intelligence, education, and business management backgrounds, so attendees can be certain of course content, methodology, delivery, and perspective. 


Our Knowledge is Safety™ approach is based on the idea that more detailed and relatable course material better enables course attendees to know what behaviors to look out for,  how to more accurately assess different types of risk factors, and most importantly,  what to do (in order to avoid harm) when confronted with a fast-developing "critical incident" scenario.

It's far better to have the knowledge and not need it, than to need the knowledge and not have it.

Discover the difference SCOUT training offers today's safety-minded organizations.

Knowledge is Safety

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Why Choose SCOUT Safety Training?

Comprehensive Safety Programs

SCOUT safety training programs are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to respond effectively to various critical incidents in the workplace or public settings.

Effortless Registration Process

Our online enrollment process is simple and user-friendly, allowing you and your team to quickly register for the safety training programs that suit your organization's needs.

Experienced Safety Experts + Software

The combination of our team of experienced safety instructors and easily approachable self-guided software classes are focused on guiding and mentoring individuals through the safety training, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle emergency situations.

About SCOUT Safety Training

Empowering Organizations for a Safer Future

SCOUT safety training is committed to empowering organizations and individuals by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to create safer environments and effectively respond to emergencies.

Today's world is filled with pressures stemming from finances, relationships (online and offline)  political division, performance expectations, and substance abuse, just to name a few; there is no safe haven.  Therefore, it's critical that the people who make up your organization not only know what behaviors to look for (that indicate potential undue stress and/or trouble), but how to report and respond to concerning behaviors.

Our Training Programs

SCOUT training programs are carefully crafted to cover a wide range of safety topics, ensuring that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of safety protocols and emergency response strategies.

Safety & Security

Active Shooter &
Critical Incident

Negligent Hiring
& Retention

Organizational Safety
Active Shooter Training
Negligent Hiring & Negligent Retention

Whether to maintain compliance with state or federal guidelines, or simply to help mitigate risk in an ever-increasingly dangerous world, SCOUT's Organizational Safety & Security curriculum is designed to provide not only information but real-world strategies as to how to make the workplace safer, more secure, and a more enjoyable environment.

Empower your organizational team with the necessary knowledge & skills to avoid and/or survive a critical incident. There are an untold number of factors that can cause stress in an individual's life.  Whether financial, substance abuse related, social, familial, or performance related, any one of these can cause a person to act irrationally, and in some extreme cases, violently.  If your organization hasn't planned for the worst case, then you may be a "soft target" waiting to happen. 

Does your liability for possible bad (illegal) actions of indivuduals within your organzation stop when they're not "on the clock?"  In an increasing number of cases juries are finding that negligent hiring and retention can have serious implications for employers, whether the bad actor is at work or not.  Insurance companies are refusing settlement payments if "negligent hiring" practices, or "negligent retention" is present when assessing the employees behavior.  

Resource Center

Explore our resource center to access valuable insights, articles, and data from industry experts, helping you stay updated on the latest safety practices and trends.

“Safety should be a choice you make, not a chance you take.”

Knowledge is Safety

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