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SCOUT Training LAUNCHES in June 2024.  For More information use the contact form below.

  • Can I monitor how my team is progressing through our selected SCOUT course(s)?
    Absolutely! You will have access to reporting that shows where each of your learners is in reference to your desired completion goals.
  • What is the Cost of Enrollment (Per Student/Seat) of SCOUT for my Organization
    The pricing on a "per seat" basis depends on the size of the organization. Naturally the more learners enrolled the lower the pricing.
  • Are all your courses "modular" or does our organization have to select a "bundled" group?
    SCOUT has been developed to suit your needs. So whether your organization needs only high-level (basic) training, or you wish to provide more advanced concepts and training, you can select exactly what's right for your team.
  • When I enroll my team, how long is the enrollment period?
    A selected "seat purchase" (per learner) is for a one year period, so if you or someone within your organization wants to go back through the coures, or visit a particular section again, there is no additional charge. Moreover, we will be providing updates and other materials throughout the year, and those that pertain to your selected course(s) will be available at no additional charge.
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